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HG Travelling Services Case Study


HG Travelling Services is a major logistics based out of their offices in Cape Town. They have been providing large-scale transport services since 2002.



We were approached by the management of HG Travelling Services at the beginning of 2015. They were looking to get a web presence that underpinned all their work while remaining consistent to their identity.

It was important that their high quality service and customer experience was matched by a website that represented the brand in the best possible light.

The website would be used by a diverse range of persona's from potential customers to aspirant hires.

A mobile friendly experience was absolutely critical with ever increasing mobile use amongst their customers.



Working closely with HG Travelling Services management we created a look and feel that was the perfect representation for the brand online.

The website gracefully adjusted to changing screen sizes and a multitude of devices ensuring that their customers have high quality experience.

We took the opportunity emphasize the brand’s various accreditation’s along with their efforts to be a “green” company to reaffirm their credibility.

Every use case was catered for in the final design, from an aspirant hire being able to submit their CV to potential customers completing booking forms online.

The resultant information would be routed to the most relevant HG Travel department to ensure a swift response.

This further realized our goal to improve their overall business process and help them become more efficient.

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