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Jimmy Nevis Case Study

Singer & Songwriter

When Jimmy’s career started taking off he turned to the web as a way to engage with his growing fan base. He needed a place where they could be kept up to date on his latest music and events.



Being able to update content and remain current were important criterion for keeping his audience engaged so a static website just would not cut it.

A large portion of his fan base use mobile devices as their primary device, which meant that we would need to ensure they had the same experience regardless of the device they were using while keeping the overall site size down to ensure that we minimize bandwidth usage.



We opted to develop Jimmy’s new website using WordPress as a backend to ensure that Jimmy and his team could keep the content up to date whether they were at their desks or out at a gig.

The site was designed mobile first to ensure that his audience were able to enjoy the full Jimmy Nevis experience regardless of how they were connecting to the website.

Entertainers produce a great deal of high quality media and Jimmy is no exception. We had his primary Soundcloud and YouTube content pulled in automatically onto the website as soon as it was uploaded to ensure the website was always kept up to date.


Jimmy Nevis, Singer & Songwriter

I think just letting someone else handle your vision is always scary but in the end I was happy with the result. I enjoyed being able to be hands on and interact with the process of creating my website.

I'd definitely advise you because you are professional and trustworthy. Especially for businesses who are starting out and who know nothing about social media or websites in general. It’s a great starting platform.

I got a website and I also learnt some other necessarily tricks and stats that could help enhance my business and my brand.

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